Carlton Project - Paving


Str8line Landscaping understands how difficult and confusing it can be when attempting to not only obtain a simple quote, but also outstanding service that is up to par with the financial investment associated with paving.

With paving you can create a clever, useful area out of a previously dead space in your yard. Str8line Landscaping can provide you with a variety of paving options and finishes with the use of quality pavers. Choices include crazy pave, bluestone, sandstone and more, with a wide selection of colour options. Str8Line Landscaping uses only the highest quality paver stones, and most sophisticated installation process that helps assure you that your pavers will look amazing and maintain structural integrity. Paving solutions will transform your driveway, swimming pool area including pool coping, pathways, verandas, patios and barbeque areas, providing an outdoor area to suit your lifestyle.

There is a huge variety of paving colours, shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from. Str8line Landscaping will offer you their professional advice to find you the best option for your property, as well as supply you with a sample of the product to help you with your decision making.

Colours are selected to contrast and compliment the environment. Str8line Landscaping takes into account the colour of your house, fencing and surrounding environment. The recommended size and shape depends on the style of your home, the location of the paving and your budget.

Str8line Landscaping are all about offering their clients quality workmanship and professional service. 

To view more examples of our work, please see our Portfolio.

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